EndoPredict® is a multi-gene test for breast cancer patients with ER+, HER2/neu-negative, 0-3 involved lymph nodes.


Using a specially developed procedure, EndoPredict® provides physicians with information to devise personalized treatment plans for their breast cancer patients.


The EndoPredict® test kit format is an ideal platform for use by clinical pathologists, who desire to conduct testing within their own laboratories providing the opportunity to send the results with 2 days. If the sample send to central lab the result issue within 5 days.




The method is based on analysis of tumor genes in combination with the classical prognostic factors of nodal status and tumor size.


In contrast to older multi-gene tests, EndoPredict® detects the likelihood of late metastases (i.e., metastasis formation after more than five years) and can thus guide treatment decisions for chemotherapy as well as extended anti-hormonal therapy.


EndoPredict® provides only a Low or High result avoiding the uncertainty of intermediate risk result. Accordingly, therapy decisions backed by EndoPredict® confer a high level of diagnostic confidence.


EndoPredict test executes in Greece in the central laboratories, department of Molecular Biology and Cytogenetics, of BIOIATRIKI Group.

More information you can ask at +30 2106966130. 


EndoPredict® was shown to accurately predict cancer-specific disease progression and metastasis in multiple clinical outcome studies with more than 3,150 patients.


EndoPredict®outperforms Oncotype DX®in accurately identifying low risk and high risk patients (https://www.myriadgenetics.eu/about-endopredict/endopredict-outperforms-oncotype-dx-in-accurately-identifying-low-risk-and-high-risk-patients/ )

To learn more about EndoPredict® please visitwww.endopredict.com & www.myriadgenetics.eu 

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